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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Drop the Puck,Please!

Like a lot of NHL fans, I was furious about the lockout, unsatisfied with watching AHL, Junior, and Euro leagues, and begging for the NHL to return. Thankfully, that is about to happen, with the Bruins hosting the NY Rangers on Saturday Jan 19.

I think the 48 game, conference only schedule and resulting playoffs will be fascinating, but hopefully the pace and intensity won't result in lots of player injuries - that would damper the season.

One thing i feel bad about is that the LA Kings were deprived, so far, of sharing their Stanley Cup victory with their fans for half a season. If the lockout had happened the year after the Bruins won the Cup, I know I would have been extra miserable.

I am glad that Nathan Horton got the time to recover, and hopefully he won't end up with another concussion. It is also too bad that Tim Thomas decided not to play, but at least he did not really miss much hockey. Hopefully his family issues, or whatever is bothering him, is mended by the time off.

I am also looking forward to seeing the impact that several rookies will have in the league, particularly Doug Hamilton, the Bruins rookie defenseman. I hope he will find a regular spot with the Bruins.

And of course, I hope the Montreal Canadiens have a miserable time of it.

So this blog post is hardly a revelation, just a humdrum recounting of some fan's Bruin-centric opinions about the upcoming season.