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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Back from the Shadows Again

I've decided to start blogging again.

I am embarking on some new work projects that I need to collect my thoughts on.

I am also participating (NDA in place) in a (mumble) for a new version of (mumble).
I was disappointed with my efforts the last time - wanted to do more and help more, and i think/hope that blogging about it, with sufficient mumbling so that I am not violating an agreement, will keep me focused.

I am also hopeful that the NHL lockout will soon be history, and that I will have lots to say.

I am spending off time playing Guild Wars 2 and having a blast, but sometimes I let the GW2 forum annoy me.

Thankfully the 2012 election is over, but there are still plenty of political and historical stuff to whine about.

Since last I blogged, I have considerably increased my reading of other blogs, mostly political. I peruse the Atlantic and Andrew Sullivan and Charlie Pierce daily if I can. That probably says all it needs to about my political leanings.

We are also coming up on the Holidays, so I am sure I will have things to say and more time to say them.

I won't make any promises or threats about frequency.  I write a comment or two daily on various blogs and other places, but that is a disconnected experience, and the comments scatter to the wind. Every once in a while I like to reflect on my thoughts and re-examine, and that is harder to do if I have to recall them from the Phantom Zone. I think that growth and progress will be easier if I have a stupidity collection at hand.

(obscurity - the blog title is from a Firesign Theatre parody of a Gene Autry song "Back in the Saddle Again", which probably has different implications than it did in 1939.)